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Meat America

Check out the Meat America photo collection by Dominic Episcopo. The Elvis Tenderloin rocks!    

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Pickled Venison Heart

Still leaving those venison hearts for the coyotes? If you are, you are really missing out on some great eating and time honored tradition. The You Have to Cook it Right blog has the scoop on pickled venison heart.   … Continue reading

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Number of U.S hunters, anglers up, reversing decline

  A 2011 survey shows that the number of U.S. hunters had gone up 9 percent in five years and anglers were up 11 percent, the Interior Department said in a statement.   “This is great news since hunters and … Continue reading

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Want To Help the Environment? Go Shoot a Pig.

How you can stop an invasive species and have a delicious BBQ, too. Read about it here.

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