The Bold Juniper Berry

I was given a comprehensive culinary reference book called The Flavor Bible, in which foods are alphabetically presented like an encyclopedia and a list of complimenting flavors and ingredients follow. I was pleased to see that the book offered some great suggestions for Venison, and it seems the biggest suggestion: Juniper berries. In the book, the ingredient is suggested for Venison in bold and all capital letters! The big flavor of the  Juniper berry is lightly piney, and citrusy and it’s earthy fresh aroma is similar to the aroma of the terrain where big game animals dwell. The berries will bring out the richest and most complicated flavor notes in game meat. This spice is venisons undisputed ultimate compliment, and other that making some bootlegged Gin, I can’t think of a use for the juniper berry that could do it as much justice as Venison. I suggest searing a back strap and smothering it in juniper and peppercorn sauce.


Dried Juniper Berries can be found at specialty grocery stores.  They can also be purchased online.

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