Duck Season is almost here!

Hello Fellow Carnivores! Duck season will be here before you know it and just to get everyone in the mood I’ve posted a video of our friend, author and chef Hank Shaw. Hank is the author of Hunt Gather Cook and must read for all Carnivores.  Today Hanks shows us how to pluck a duck. Now I know most of you guys out there who duck hunt or know people who duck hunt have only ever eaten the breasts of bird. Most duck hunters breast out the bird and leave the rest.  Now I love duck breast as much as the next guy but I’ve never understood why anyone would leave so much tasty meat and fat behind. So to show us how to rid this amazing bird of its feathers Hank has the following video.

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1 Response to Duck Season is almost here!

  1. My French Heaven says:

    I remember our cook dipping the ducks in boiling water before pulling the feathers out. The smell was horrific. Worth it though when you love to cook duck as much as I do. Thanks for an interesting post!

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