Shanks are not contraband!

Venison shanks. Many hunters consider them too tough and full of connective tissue to be edible so they either grind them down to burger or sausage or sometimes even discard them completely. I won’t deny that shanks are not a tough cut of meat, afterall, we are talking about the calf of a extremely active wild animal, but have you tried braising them? If you braise shanks long enough, the silverskin and sinew will breakdown and you will be left with some absolutely delicious, even mind-blowing, tender meat. Hank Shaw has some excellent shank recipes over Hunter Angler Garder Cook site. We have used his Portugese Style Shank Recipe  as a foundation for improvised recipes  and found them to be a big hit at the table. At this house, shanks will never be ground again.

For now at least, put some shanks in the freezer and try braising them at your first opportunity. You won’t be disappointed!
Braise  them until the fall apart and prepare for some “carnivating” goodness.




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