Quality Deer Eating: How to cook Venison Ribs

Venison ribs. That’s right, I said it. You can put them on the list with right up there with tongues, livers and even shanks.  But this ain’t coyote food, folks! Like everything else on the short list of discarded venison cuts,  it can be done well. Field & Stream magazine even has a feature on cooking venison ribs. (and if you didn’t think that the future of hunting was centered on the food movement, a little bit of advice from the “old guard” on eating venison ribs should be more than convincing). Read the recipe here, though you might consider the grill as an alternative to the oven (it is difficult for a Memphian to think about, much less consider, or worse yet, advise actually placing ribs in the oven).


Steven Rinella has a recipe here. You will need a pressure cooker, however he does use a grill before the process is over with.

Trophy Eating.



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