Want Local, Free Range, Organic Pork? Try Wild Hog!

Going whole hog for wild boar

Bad pig makes good

By John Austin/features@trcle.com

“Hunters aren’t the only ones who are hog wild. Thanks to some canny marketing, consumers around the world are paying through the snout for a taste of the free-range Texas treat and begging for more.”

John Austin/CTR

“Tim Bruce, left, owner of Joshua Deer Processing, and meat cutter RobertBonner break down one of the eight feral hogs they processed into chops, sausage and ribs last Wednesday. Said Bruce, “One like this [is] some sure enough good eatin’”

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2 Responses to Want Local, Free Range, Organic Pork? Try Wild Hog!

  1. Frankie Pikula says:

    i like the taste of pork even if they are full of cholesterol.;

    My own, personal blog page

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