Hot & Spicy Italian Drip Venison

The Pioneer Woman has a good lookin’ recipe for Hot & Spicy Italian Drip Beef (complete with step by step pics). We took this recipe and adjusted it slightly for venison.

Couple of adjustments we made:

-The beef recipe calls for chuck roasts, which have a good bit of marbling. In order to compensate for Venison’s lack of fat, we added about a quarter pound of salt cured bacon to the recipe.

-We  used the (ever Venison friendly) Crock Pot and allowed the roasts to cook for about 6.5 hours instead of the beef recipe’s 4 hours.

-We used Venison Stock instead of beef stock, though beef stock would certainly work fine for venison roasts.

-We also added Bay Leaf and some Juniper Berries.

photo (52)


Browning two venison ham roasts on cast iron. Since the venison will be cooking for several hours and you will be adding fat, pretty much any venison roast cuts will work (shoulder, ham, saddle, neck). We used sirloin cuts.



photo (51)



Adding Bay Leaf and Juniper Berries. The Juniper Berries were a last minute decision and, though not necessary, almost always agree with venison dishes.



photo (49)

Freshly removed from the Crock Pot:

Check the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for all the details.


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