Meat Therapy for Men

Research Study Finds The Sight of Meat Calms Men Down


Image by SalSmiles

“The researchers expected the opposite to be true; that images of meat would increase aggressive behavior in males, similar to how dogs act out when meat is taken from them. Instead, the researchers say that the sight of meat calms men down because it reminds them of friends and family at mealtime. If you think about it, the idea makes sense; “hunting” to get the meat is stressful enough, both in prehistoric and present times. Anyone who’s hit up Whole Foods during the after-work rush knows this to be true.”

By Christie Bishop

According to AOLNews,

“Researchers told 82 male subjects they were studying multitasking. The subjects were asked to sort through stacks of pictures while simultaneously following an actor reading a script. When the actor screwed up a line, the subjects inflicted varying degrees of punishment on the actor, in the form of loud noises. The highest-volume sounds were believed by the subjects to be painful to the actors. The study found that the subjects were less likely to choose to inflict pain if they were looking at a photo of cooked meat when the mistake was made.”

Read the entire story here

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