Spring Turkey Hunting Tactics

There are definitely no shortage of publications, blog posts and opinions regarding the subject matter of hunting Spring Turkeys. Are we really talking about this already? Yes, we are. In fact, I  put in for a WMA (Wildlife Management Area) lottery hunt just yesterday.

I have come to the firm conclusion that there is very little in the way of sound turkey hunting advice. For every “rule” that turkeys live by, there are an infinite amount of turkeys that that will break these rules. For every “rule” of turkey hunting, there are an infinite amount of turkey hunters who will break there rules and be successful.

Alas, I have little turkey hunting advice to offer except this:

1. Hunt as hard as you can for as long as you can.

2.Don’t over call.

3. Don’t make stupid mistakes

If you finding yourself seraching for more words on a page, here are two links you might find useful: Brian Lovett, author of Hunting Pressured Turkeys, has your pre-season primer. Mossy Oak pro staffer, Tracy Groves, has some advice for hunting public lands.

We’ll have some Spring Gobbler recipes for you soon. Happy hunting.

P1060478                                            Early season turkey hunting

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