Carnivore News: Monday 2-25

An update on the Louisiana incident where a health inspector destroyed 1,600 pounds of venison (original story).  According to the Louisiana Health codes, it does appear that Venison butchered at a regulated facility, which this venison was, is entirely legal for such purposes as it was being used:

§1123. Game Animals
[formerly paragraph 22:08-11]
A. Game animals may be received for sale if they are under a routine inspection program conducted by a regulatory authority or raised, slaughtered, and processed under a voluntary inspection program by a regulatory authority.
B. If retail food markets are requested by an individual to process wild deer meat, they must process this meat in accordance with the guidelines established by the department.


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  11. John Nicholson was a strict vegetarian for more than 20 years. But when he and his partner became ill, they had a carnivorous conversion.  From vegetarian to confirmed carnivoreGo_Carnivore_Revised_Image

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