Helen’s BBQ (Brownsville, TN) received SFA award

Meet the new queen of barbecue!

Helen-Crown“…the Southern Foodways Alliance crowned her [Helen Turner] this year’s queen of barbecue—the first ever, following in the footsteps of past kings Rodney Scott, of Scott’s Bar-B-Que in Hemingway, South Carolina, and Sam Jones, of Ayden, North Carolina’s Skylight Inn. As one of the only female pitmasters in the South, and a strict traditionalist who has worked in thick clouds of hardwood smoke since the barbecue pits melted her fans, Turner was already in a class of her own. This weekend’s ceremony only made it official.”

Story and interview: http://gardenandgun.com/blog/meet-new-queen-barbecue

photo (1)

Back in November, while deer hunting on the Hatchie National Refuge quota hunt near Brownsville, TN, we here at the Go Carnivore blog gorged ourselves on Helen’s BBQ for three days in a row. Despite far-less-than ideal deer hunting conditions, that spicy-sweet, chopped BBQ, perfectly smoked ribs and Bologna was motivation enough to work up an appetite while not seeing any deer.

Previous Go Carnivore mention of Helen’s BBQ. 

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