Carnivore News: Sunday March 10th

  1. The best camping grillsEsbit Foldable Barbeque Box
  2. George Pelligrini has this Venison Roast with Red Wind and Juniper Berries recipe. He uses two backstraps, which few hunters will use for the purpose of a roast, but you could easily use a sirloin cut for a linger cooking time. Read about why the juniper berry is such an excellent ingredient for venison
  3. Spring turkey hunting has kicked up a whole lot of controversy on the National Seashore at Cape Cod. 
  4. UK Gamekeepers ready for a right over the proposed deer culling
  5. has this Venison Tzatziki recipe
  6. Venison Pizza recipe, anyone? 
  7. Different states have different laws with regards to taking meat from Roadkill. In some states, you need to obtain a tag from the local police, in others, you need to call the state game agency. In Alaska, you are required by law to take and or report to a collecting agent, any moose roadkill. However, in some states, and Montana is surprisingly one of these states, the taking of roadkill is against the law. New legislation is going to change that
  8. The Smoke and Grill reader is out
  9. What causes Beef Rainbows? Interesting. 

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