Spring Turkey Hunting Tips, Tactics, (mis)Information & Cooking

Most “turkey hunting advice” is bad advice, but that doesn’t stop a flood of articles with advice to give and a flood of internet searches seeking such advice.

Caveat Emptor: The Master List.

  1. Top 10 Turkey Hunting Tactics part 1 from bowhunting.com. -article focuses on scouting over walking in the woods blind. 
  2. RealTree.com has Turkey Hunting Truths & Lies, though some of the “truths” are not great advice for inexperienced turkey hunters. 
  3. For history buffs, this book recalls Turkey Hunting greats. 
  4. Five “Good” turkey hunting tips. Guns, terrain, “hunt where the turkeys are” (duh) calls and mouth calls. 
  5. Turkey Hunting Tips from the masters: Forget the calls, outthink turkeys, and change it up. 
  6. Calling is an important skill in turkey hunting. -I thought we were supposed to forget the calls?
  7. Turkeys and Turkey Hunting has this article on working roosted birds
  8. Our own contribution: Turkey Vest comfort and bug spray
  9. Cream of Wild Turkey Soup recipe
  10. Stop calling those stubborn birds in and just take a nap
  11. Turkey Hunting on Cape Cod? Be careful
  12. How to deal with shotgun recoil from turkey loads
  13. Killed a wild turkey? Pluck them and use the whole bird. Merely breasting them out is a shameful waste of meat. 
  14. Wild Turkey Leg Carnitas. 
  15. Advice for hunting public land
  16. Hunting Pressured Turkeys
  17. Check out this gun sling from Strike Industries -works great for turkey hunting. 



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