Carnivore News: Monday, April 8th

  1. The USDA has renamed many cuts of meat…the lowly “pork chop” will be gone. Instead, grocery retailers could be stocking stacks of “porterhouse chops,” “ribeye chops” and “New York chops.” The pork butt – which actually comes from shoulder meat – will be called a Boston roast.
  2. Deer Hunting: Spring Scouting Tips for Late-Season Bucks
  3. Interesting read on human development in relation to meat eating: The Accidental Carnivore.  “I’m going to propose a different perspective. I propose that Homo sapiens, likely derived from one or more herbivorous primates of the Australopithecine variety, is the exception to the rule that form determines function: Humans became carnivorous (or, more properly, omnivorous) because of their brains (and brains likely evolved as a consequence of this behavior). Let’s review the sequence that many anthropologists tell us occurred since the first Homo species walked (and climbed, given their residual arboreal capacity)”
  4. Alabama has eliminated Fall Turkey Hunting season
  5. Interesting looking book: In The CharcuterieFattedCalf-1

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