Carnivore News: April 15th

  1. The Paleo Diet is a Lifestyle
  2. Charcuterie makes a resurgence on menus. ” Tack said he believes charcuterie has become popular across the United States recently because chefs are getting back to their ‘old-world roots.’ “
  3. “A recent study in the journal Nature demonstrates that prehistoric man’s first use of cookware was to make fish soup, reports NPR. This is in marked contrast to prevailing theory regarding their diet — namely that it consisted of nuts and berries, suited to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle that characterized pre-agrarian societies.”  Read the full story here
  4. Proposals to scale back Georgia’s Deer Hunting season
  5. Q: Could hunting end? Could anti hunting organizations cause a hunting ban? What would the U.S. fish and wildlife service say about this? Respond here
  6. The Vancouver Sun recently ran a piece on the new face of hunting. Warning: the comment section is full of Anti-Hunters on the attack. 


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