“Truckers in the Wild” visit Tennessee, hunt & eat Squirrel

We received an email a couple of months ago from a media group looking for a couple of hunters to take some NYC chefs on a squirrel hunting trip in Nashville, TN for a web based, food truck series called “Truckers in the Wild.” A couple of emails later, we had these New York boys setup for a Squirrel hunting date with some Nashville based hunters and it looks like they did a fine job. -even used a Go Carnivore squirrel recipe. The episode is 8 minutes long and includes a stop at one of Nashville’s food trucks, SoulFuel 501.

Watch the episode here.


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1 Response to “Truckers in the Wild” visit Tennessee, hunt & eat Squirrel

  1. Joe Wilson says:

    Wow, looks like you all hooked them up. I wish they could of had a squirrels unlimited shirt on. But as long as the go Carnivor team shows up at the World champion squirrel cook off, I will be happy.

    Thanks for promoting the heritage of squirrel hunting and providing people with the opportunity to see that squirrel is a great source of protein.

    Your buddy,
    Joe Wilson

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