Carnivore News: Tuesday, May 28th

1. Kentucky ranked as a top state for Trophy Deer.

Outdoor Magazine used what it calls a “whitetail scale” to sift the country’s top deer-producing states. The equation included trophy deer production, hunter density (seven per square mile in Kentucky), the cost of outfitting a guided hunt and hunter friendliness. Kentucky is ranked No. 1 and Indiana No. 3

2. Think that Tofu is good for you? Think again. Brain Aging and Midlife Tofu Consumption. -Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

We began our analyses with the expectation that aculturation might be a risk factor for poor cognitive function in late life and that traditional Japanese lifestyle, culture and diet might be protective. Instead, we found that poorer cognitive test performance in later life was weakly associated with a more oriental midlife diet. As this finding was explored it became evident that the relationship with oriental diet could be attributed almost entirely to a single food item: tofu.

3. Turn your Mac Book Pro into a BBQ grill.

4. Mexico may retaliate over meat-label row with U.S. 

Under the new regulations, meat labels will state for U.S. meats “Born, Raised and Slaughtered in the United States,” while those from other countries could be labeled, “Born in Mexico, Raised and Slaughtered in the United States,” Reuters said.

5. Deer Industry ponders name  change for venison in Europe.

It’s looking for a new approach to counter falling sales in its biggest export market, Germany, where New Zealand venison is under pressure from cheaper European venison coming from countries like Spain and Poland.Go_Carnivore_Revised_Image

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