Deer not dear

Another excellent example of Venison shank preparation, simple ingredients and the slow cooker.

Large Al's cookbook

I was in London on Saturday, knowing we had our good friends Ed & Roz from the middle of Nowhereshire around for supper on Sunday evening. I made a beeline for Borough Market near London Bridge Station with the intention of spending a morning looking for and buying some excellent (if slightly more expensive than usual) ingredients. Sadly, at Borough Market, your main activity is pushing past people who’ve stopped slap-bang in the middle of the world’s busiest gangways to take photographs of people fililng their faces slap-bang in the middle of the world’s busiest gangways.

Anyway, upon finding my intended meat-selling chap – don’t ask me his name, I just know where he is – I thought for a while about what to buy. Eventually – and it was eventually, having considered boar, rabbit and hare – I settled on venison shanks. I asked for four, got them…

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