Carnivore News: July 8th

  1. “The highly regional and idiosyncratic nature of barbecue might be why it remains a challenge for barbecue chains to succeed nationally…”  7 BBQ Chains that are leading the way.
  2. New BBQ Gadgets including a CyBer Q WiFi device that “has one probe for the pit and three probes for food and thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi server, you can control everything from your mobile device or PC. It has tons of other features – and the price reflects that – but if hanging out by the pool with your family is more important, than this is the gadget for you.” CyberQ-WiFi-630x420
  3. Summer Blueberries and venison are a great combination.
  4. Upstate NY Village is putting its deer on birth control.
  5. “Don’t Offend the Non-Hunting Meateaters” -great read. ““Don’t offend them.” What? Did I hear that right? They eat factory farmed meat from the grocery store but as a hunter I must go out of my way to avoid offending them?”  On the same note, “Why I respect Vegans and Despise Meateaters” from Will to Hunt: “The average person has very little connection to their food. Even folks that are obsessed with their urban backyard gardens gasp at the thought of killing their own meat as the fat from a freshly grilled burger runs down their chin.”  -great conversations going here.
  6. Sunday afternoon Jerked Squirrel.

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