Heart of the Matter

Last year’s post on butchering and preparing Venison heart.

Heart tends to be a underutilized cut of meat by many hunters, however, in addition to being a culinary tradition (possibly the oldest culinary tradition in relation to hunting), it is quite a tasty hunk of muscle. Personally, I look forward to seared or sautéed venison heart as much as I look forward to fresh tenderloins.  As our earlier post on pickled venison heart seems to be consistely referenced in internet searches, I thought I would assemble a blog post dedicated to butchering the heart in preparation for cooking.

Step 1: Get your hands on a heart (yours may or may not have a .45 caliber hole in it). Place the heart under cold, running water and allow water the run through the heart. Pump it several times until the water runs clear.  You may have some congealed blood in there depending on the circumstances of the kill.





Step 2: Chose a natural…

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