Guest Post: The Four Hour Hunter

The Four Hour Hunter

Make hunting fit for food and family.

638 wayne's eye viewThis year my hunting has come full circle. I started off hunting squirrels at eight then deer at ten with a very simple goal: to hunt and kill. Kill as much as legal, as often as possible. I never wasted game; the meat was always used. But, food was a secondary part of my hunting.

Now at thirty, the goal is simple again: to hunt and kill. The primary reason to hunt and kill is now to feed my family in the most efficient manner possible. Efficient in three ways:

Time – No more long days in the deer stand passing on deer that could be legally killed waiting on a trophy buck.

I have two young daughters and a wife, and I don’t want to be the kind of hunter my mother warned me about — the kind who neglects his duties at home and ignores the needs of his family in pursuit of the hunt.

This year, with the exception of two overnight trips, I will only hunt on Saturday mornings till 10:00 AM. If I get a deer, I can be home by noon.

Quantity – I will pursue types of hunting that can produce the largest amount of meat in the shortest amount of time.

Here in middle Tennessee, this means deer and turkey. Squirrels would be another option, but squirrels are an option that my wife has no taste for.

Cost – To save money, I will for the first time process my own deer.

This not only saves money, but it improves the quality of the meat. The deer processors I have used near my home as a general rule do a very poor job and charge $75 a deer to do it.

My goal is to kill six deer to provide food for my family. I have till January 5 to get it done.

Along the way, I’ll share the lessons I learn so that you can make your hunting fit for food and family.

Landon Loveall is a financial planner in Nashville, TN. He writes at Cumberland Wealth Planners about the financial planning and money issues faced by couples, who are too busy or don’t know where to start.

Photo Credit: “Flickr by wayne’s eye view” 

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