2013 Deer Hunting Season Review

Here is a gallery of one hunter’s 2013 (mine…) deer season. I live and hunt in West Tennessee. I also hunted a couple of times in Northwest Mississippi. I hunted less total times and about half the hours of recent years  (work, life, commitments, fuel costs…. the usual), but still managed a productive season with good deer sightings. I missed opening weekend of bow season as I was on a trip and I also missed the final weekend of the season due to the flu. I had two muzzleloader fails (one due to a bad primer, a second due to user error). I also failed to recover a mature buck during archery season. Ups and downs are the way it goes. I hunted 29 days total, spending 141 hours in the field. I observed 101 deer this season, hunting deer on properties in 6 different Tennessee counties and 1 Mississippi county.

I tried my best to document the season with views from different treestands and setups. It might be worth noting that I never hunted from the same tree or ground setup more than one time this season. There are also some trail cam pics of some of the deer on a couple of the properties I hunted. Enjoy. –GoCarnivoreChristian

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  1. oh..nice picture Go Carnivore … I have question what is model of scouting camera?

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