Venison Boudin

From Belly to Bacon

Every now and again I get venison from my father. He is generous with the venison he hunts with his cousins and while the hunting aspects have never taken with me, I have become comfortable cooking venison. As I have grown more comfortable preparing venison in different ways, I have tried to repay his generosity with giving some of the venison back, in the form of sausage, ham, etc. After cleaning out his freezer, he found nearly eight pounds of venison scrap and asked if I could do something new with it that he might like.

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3 Responses to Venison Boudin

  1. Neal Zeller says:

    Sounds like something right up my alley. I’d try this. I’ve made a javalina boudin sausage once and it turned out decent. I’m familiar with gochujang but not ‘bird’ chiles. Is there another name or botanical species reference I can look up? Always looking for new spice.

  2. Go Carnivore says:

    Bird chilies are a thin skinned, Asian chilis. You can substitute Fresh or dried cayenne peppers as well as serrano chiles.

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