Venison Prosciutto, 12 months later

Well, after 12 months of hanging, it was finally time to dig into the Venison Prosciutto.

2014-09-30 20.36.20 2014-09-30 20.48.12
The outside was tough and inedible, but as we got to the dark meat in the middle, the taste became increasingly interesting. Salty, but interesting. I think that with a pork prosciutto, the fat offsets the salt a bit, however, with lean venison,  you get the full impact of the salt. I’m not sure if the prosciutto is very substitutable for typical prosciutto uses such as wrapping asparagus, but it does make an interesting charcuterie offering unto itself. First impression is that this is an interesting novelty. Worth the effort? Well, there’s not a lot of effort involved. It is an interesting experiment, especially if you have an abundance of venison and a curing setup. I’ll likely do it again, perhaps even mixing in a bit of spice.

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