Why Go Carnivore?

On the day man first picked up a spear was the day we began the journey to become top of the food chain. We earned the right to eat meat. We earned to right to choose our food and not to become it. Every day we choose to be carnivorous is a celebration of our birthright. With pride and sincere reverence, we dine on that which makes us alive.

There is something lost in contemporary society. There is a disconnect between that which has died and the food on the plate. We have forgotten what it means to be carnivorous.  It is with this devotion to the sacrifice of life that we commit this endeavor; to reconnect that which is forgotten. To bring us back to the reason we first became master of the spear, chiseled bone with stone and placed fire to flesh.  Where we lacked fangs, we had intellect. Where we lacked claws, we created weapons. Where we lacked acute senses, we developed skill. For these are the tools with which we secured our survival. Why go carnivore? To know the essence of ourselves

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