Though Go Carnivore is not necessarily a dedicated “hunting blog”, hunting is certainly a emphasized aspect if for no other reason than it is the way in which humans procured meat for the majority of human history. Highly controversial in certain modern social circles, despised by a small group, practiced by another small group, and (much to the dismay of the anti hunting minority), generally accepted by the masses, man’s ability to hunt and the technological advances of weaponry associated with hunting are the primary reason that we have managed to survive as a species.

The founders of Go Carnivore were not raised as hunters in hunting families. Hunting was a conscious choice as adults and brought about significant changes in the way in which we think about meat. Though not necessarily a hunting blog, we encourage not only the readership, contributions and participation of our fellow hunters, we encourage all who are interested in the pursuit of hunting to take it up, no matter your background, location or inhibitions. It will change your life, the way in which you think about life and the way in which you eat and consider food.

Interested in hunting but don’t know how to get started?

Here is a good primer.

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