Go Carnivore exists to educate people about the Carnivorous lifestyle, a natural way of eating and living.  Carnivorism is a active lifestyle that connects one with nature, history and predatory skills.

Hunting and eating wild?

Paleo Diet?


Cooking, Smoking, Barbecuing, Roasting?

Curing and Charcuterie?

Interested in history? 

Just love meat?

You have come to the right place.

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  1. Joe Wilson says:

    My name is Joe Wilson and I am the President of Squirrels Unlimited and the founder of the World Champion Squirrel Cook off. Our organization promotes youth hunting and youth organizations along with the heritage of squirrel hunting. As part of our fund raising we hold the World champion squirrel cook off every year, this event is a true world championship and brings in some of the best cooks around. After talking to some contestants it was apparent that without having an organization like yours involved we were not getting all of the best cooks involved.
    I am reaching out to you to invite any of your members to participate in the 2013 event. Here is a brief overview and information—
    • Our event is held in Bentonville Arkansas on September 7th of 2013
    • The event is an open air event to allow for flame cooking.
    • We have 2 parts of the judged entry—Main entrée and side dish.
    • 2 ½ hours is given to process/chop/cook/and plate your entry.
    • The predominate meat must be squirrel in the entrée, this means 80% of the meat (allowing for sausage, bacon, fats, and other meat products).
    • The side dish can be a squirrel recipe and will be given bonus points for that application, but side dish can be whatever desired.
    • 100point system—75points on entrée and 25 points on side dish
    • Panel of five judges.
    • Prizes are given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
    • Contest also awards for best space—(support your state, team, passion, cause or whatever)
    • $40 entry fee—(shirts for team is included) 2 person teams only.
    • Net proceeds from the event go to Youth and children organizations.

    The 2013 rules will be finalized in the next 30days, and past photos and information can be found at http://www.squirrelcookoff.com we would love to have your organizations support and we definitely like to see your group compete in this year’s event.
    Please contact me for any information or help you might need.

    Joe Wilson
    President of SqU

  2. Greetings fellow Carnivore and thanks for dropping by my humble blog … I look forward to reading more from you. Cheers 🙂

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